Sunday 10 April 2011

Goodbye Tomatoes, see you next Summer!

With only a few tomatoes left on our vines it is hard to say goodbye to fresh home grown tomatoes until next summer.

Here are a few pictures of some of our favourite tomatoes, Black Krim self seeded, Eva Purple Ball from select organic seeds, tomato Riesentraube from Eden seeds, Pomodoro Red Cherry from Franchi seeds.

Black Krim Self Seeded-7More Tomatoes-11



We also had lots of other self sown tomatoes appear in our garden. We have 5 underground worm farms throughout our veggie patch.

All our veggie scraps and some paper scraps go on these bins and the red wrigglers happily munch away. One a year when the worm farm (which is a large bucket with holes) is getting full we extract the worm castings. Then we dig the castings into the earth just before planting. So a lot of seed is spread through out the garden as we do this. But that is another story.

Back to tomatoes, we have had delicious tasty tomatoes with each meal for months but soon it will be time to pull out the vines to make room for winter greens.

We have lots of Asian greens, rapa, mustard greens, spring onions and broccoli seedlings to plant out.

At the moment we are still having lovely sunny Autumn days and mild evenings but I guess winter is coming soon.

Here are some more meals  we prepared using tomatoes and fresh basil this summer.

Bruschetta with mozzarella and olives, Spanish Chicken casserole with chillies and cherry tomatoes

Bruschetta-2     Spanish Chicken-10

Sunday 3 April 2011

The Magic of Seeds

A few weeks ago I spent a lot of time processing dried seeds from their pods which we had saved from last winter and summer.

What a treat to see escaped seeds sprouting everywhere in the back yard including sprouting in the cracks on the old BBQ table and stools.

I must have saved thousands of seeds and now to see them germinating so well, MAGIC!

Growing in the Cracks-2

Growing in the Cracks-9