Sunday 10 October 2010

10/10/10 Today in Our Garden

Ripening Mulberries

Succulent mulberries

Flowering Herbs

Flowering Herbs

Californian Poppy

California Poppy

Cherry tomatoes

Cherry Tomatoes just about ready to plant out


We love chicory

Sage and Oregano

Sage and Oregano

We have spent several enjoyable days working in our garden. The weather has been lovely and we have been able to make lots of mulch from our winter pruning's.

We have made a zucchini bed, a potato cage bed and a pumpkin patch. Our artichoke bed is looking good and we have lots of mulberries on our small trees.

The highlight of our garden is the herbs, rapa and rocket plants going to flower and forming seed.

We have planned our summer garden and we will are just hoping that we do not have heatwaves and that we can keep our garden healthy and productive. So for the moment we are dreaming of a mild Adelaide summer with tropical rain showers and cool nights. Reality will hit in January or even in November like last year.

Happy gardening to all.

Tickle Tank, South Australia Open Garden Scheme

Tickle Tank is open to the public today.

Tickletank Artist Irene Pearce's intimate and imaginative garden">
24 Hill St, Mount Barker 10am-4.30pm $6.00

Creating a beautiful home from a concrete water storage tank!

If you are thinking of converting a concrete water tank into a home this is the place to look at.


Tickle Tank is the home of talented artist Irene Pearce .
"You will visit an intimate and adventurous multi-level garden which surrounds a house made from a converted water storage tank. The garden is filled with garden art, mosaics and sculptures made from recycled materials which add humour among the colourful array of spring bulbs, hardy natives and cottage plants. An inspiring garden, brimming with artistic ideas."
See the video at the ABC website: Tickle video (scroll down to the Tickletank video).

Sunday 3 October 2010

Adelaide Spring Garden Bee Feast

Here are some pictures from our Adelaide spring garden with rocket, brassica rapa, parsley & flame tree mustard green going to seed. And an amazing array of flowering herbs including sage, borage, pineapple sage, thyme, watercress, salad burnett, society garlic & many more flowers attracting a myriad of bees other insects.

Spring Garden-28

A bee enjoying our borage

Spring Garden-83

Colour maze

Spring Garden-119

Brassica rapa going to seed

Spring Garden-54

Flowering coriander

Spring Garden-78

Watercress flower

Gardening Australia & Video of Seed Saving

Most Aussie gardeners have grown up watching gardening Australia each Saturday or Sunday for many years.

The programs continue to inform, entertain and delight us as the years roll on.

Did you know that wherever you live around the world you can watch the video clips of the different segment of the program online.

Just go to and then you can choose what you would like to watch.

I particularly enjoyed Jerry’s segment on Seed Saving which was aired on October 2, 2010.