Sunday, 4 October 2009

Creating a beautiful home from a concrete water storage tank!

If you are thinking of converting a concrete water tank into a home this is the place to look at.


Tickle Tank is the home of talented artist Irene Pearce .
"You will visit an intimate and adventurous multi-level garden which surrounds a house made from a converted water storage tank. The garden is filled with garden art, mosaics and sculptures made from recycled materials which add humour among the colourful array of spring bulbs, hardy natives and cottage plants. An inspiring garden, brimming with artistic ideas."
See the video at the ABC website: Tickle video (scroll down to the Tickletank video).


John L said...

Just watched the video and I love it.

Pattie Baker said...

How inspiring the Tickletank is. I especially like how she created art out of the bicycle wheel.

Maggie said...

I really admire these creative artist and gardeners. Check out Deb from Nirvana farm weaving section of her blog.
She transforms garden prunings into beautiful baskets and sculptures.
I loved your last post Pattie.
Your blog John L is also fascinating.

Anonymous said...

I was in Adelaide for 2 weeks this month but missed visiting the tank. Rats! :(
Hoping to see it next time. Great work, Irene.

Maggie said...

Hi Irene,
Tickle Tank seems to be open on the October long weekend but always check the open garden scheme for details.

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