Wednesday 26 September 2012


An opportunity for our Heathfield community to come together to share surplus home grown or homemade produce.

3rd Saturday of the month from 3pm – 4pm 7 july


 Nirvana Organic Farm’s classroom

184 Longwood Rd  Heathfield.

Dates and times may change according to seasonal conditions and community needs.

First swap OCTOBER 20th 2012

Fresh home grown fruit and vegetables
Home Baked goods
Homemade jams and preserves
Plants, seeds, seedlings and cuttings

Or just come along for a chat and a cuppa



Run by local residents test sept 005
totally not for profit
no money changes hands
no cost, no strings attached
everyone welcome


People come to this with a spirit of generosity and community. All produce goes onto a communal table and then we can all take what we would like and what we think is a fair swap. No money is to be exchanged for goods. It’s not a barter system where x many of one thing is swapped for y many of another .Just sharing our surplus.

Bring along your own cup to share a chat over tea or coffee.

By swapping your home grown and homemade produce you will add variety to your diet, save money, reduce food miles, eat fresh local food, meet new people, catch up with old friends and gain knowledge about cooking and gardening.

Enquiries 83392519


Maggie said...

Great idea Deb, we hope to join you.

Malay-Kadazan girl said...

What time is the swap on the 20th?
Cheers. Diana

bond said...

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