Thursday, 4 January 2007


Reminder: if you have any ideas for places for us to visit before the March meeting please post them on the blog or email me - Kate.

March 21st , July 25th , October 24th (these are all Wednesdays)
1.30pm at Fern Ave (this has yet to be ok'd by the Fern Ave committee)
Here we will swap seeds/plants and so on.

Also we would like to have visits to members' gardens, visits to other places such as the Botanic Garden's herb garden, other community gardens and so on. These will occur throughout the year, whenever someone puts up an invitation on this blog.

So, don't wait for an invitation, send one !! I want to see your garden now you've seen mine !

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Andrew said...

Hi Kate
OK, March is the best time of year to open the garden, as it's in the middle of harvest, and one can see real produce. So I'm OK for folk to come to my place on Sunday afternoon the 25th March 2007. I've only got half a garden this year, what with water restrictions and missing out altogether on Spring planting. But it IS a big garden. Claudia and I will provide commentary, tea and cake...