Sunday, 25 March 2007


Here is one of the Andrew's pictures of Barb's garden.
To view more of them click on the photos link.

Did you feel the vibes at Andrew's this afternoon ?
There we all were, as keen as anything to see Andrew's garden, and it was like something from a feel-good movie, that brought a smile to your face and you knew you could settle back for a good, old-fashioned, down to earth afternoon.
And what an extensive and interesting garden it is. Everything has been put to use a second or third time so that it is always evolving. Jack would have had a job to climb those beans and there are plenty of places for the fairies to hide ! I think everyone would have taken home some ideas for their own plot as almost every type of vegetable had a representative in Andrew's garden. I hope the chooks recover soon.
It was so lovely to meet Claudia and to accept such wonderful hospitality... and those cakes !! I have never eaten 3 different cakes before in one sitting but each was so different from the last and all full of the goodness of fruit. Maggie will put her recipe on the blog for the carrot and lentil dip which went so well with the thinly sliced rye bread.

(As the photos I took of Andrew's garden are on my old SLR (not digital) I will have to finish the film and get them put on a CD so I can add them to the photos gallery, hopefully quite soon.)

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