Friday, 20 April 2007


Last week the garden group came to my place and we pulled out the self-sown and (my)self-sown squash and pumkins from in the driveway garden. There was a lot of variety and a lot of produce. I took 1 in to Wilson's organics on the Friday to give them and they said they would buy them all ! So on Monday I loaded up the car and in I went. Antony helped me bring them in and then weighed them. 95 kilograms it came to ! I left with $100 in my pocket. That will pay for lots of blood and bone etc for the next year ! I still have lots of pumpkins left for friends and family. If you go into Wilson's you will see the label "Grown lovingly by Kate, a customer" .This is truly acting very locally, just as it should be.

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Andrew said...

Nice work, Kate
The great thing about pumpkins is that they store so well, and are available at a time of the year (for pumkin soup) just when the garden is going really slowly due to the cold, wet and cloudy conditions.