Tuesday, 22 May 2007


Sunday August 26th is Kitchen Garden Day.

Maggie has suggested we get together for a harvest picnic somewhere. Any suggestions for where ?
By then I should be picking sugar snap peas, beetroot, spring onions, various lettuce and salad greens, wombok, bokchoy, spinach, kale, coriander and other herbs, broccoli and maybe fennel and a few other things. What about you ? This week I will pull up my water chestnuts but they will all be eaten by August. Did I tell you I sold 11kg jerusalem artichokes to Wilson's last week?

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Maggie said...

I have had a better idea.As last Sunday was such a success why dont we promote Kitchen Garden Day with the Salad Bowl at the Farmers Market at Wayville. All the stalls are going to be under cover in a Pavilion . All we would need to do is help encourage seedsaving and gardening. We even be able to take a very short video and enter it in the competition. What do you think ?