Wednesday, 9 May 2007

Le Petit Potimarron

Potimarron is a combination of the French potiron (pumpkin) and marron (chestnut) and probably not so coincidentally, it tastes like pumkin and chestnut. It comes from Japan and the most popular variety is called Hokkaïdo. They usually grow to about 1 - 2 kg and are a delicious source of vitamins A, B, C, D, E, amino acids, unsaturated fatty acids, starch, natural sugars and carotene. Quelle surprise! The potimarron can be stored in a dry cellar for months and it will not only stay fresh, it will actually increase in sweetness and vitamin content.
Another enchanting tidbit I found was the obligatory Potimarron Festival! Why not? This little squash is heralded every September in Lunéville, France which is in the eastern part of France near Nancy and Strasbourg in the Lorraine region. “Although the potimarron is the guest of honour, the day is a celebration of home growers, small farmers and everything that grows in the garden.”
Tonight we are having Potimarron soup and a salad, all picked a few minutes ago from the garden.( I have saved some seeds but they may not be true to type because of all the other friendly pumpkins in my garden !).Life is good. Skippety Doo !

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Andrew said...

Never heard of these, Kate, or seen seeds in a catalogue. Wherever did you get them?
Keep them going - they are surely worth $200 per car load down at Wilson's Organic store
Can I swap you for some Turkish Turban pumpkin or some Austrian Hull-less pumkin seeds?