Wednesday, 27 June 2007

Winter Dinner

I have felt so warm all day, what with gardening all morning at Glenys' place and then coming home to continue on until 5 o'clock in my own garden. As I passed the wombok I noticed there were many leaves now large enough to cook so , for the next 1/2 hour dinner ideas danced in and out of my head. I had a haul of 7 eggs from the chooks - that includes those I must have forgotten to collect yesterday and I remembered a Kylie Kwong recipe I read in the Organic Gardener this morning, when I was looking for that bit on Cuba, called 'simple stir-fried omelet'. So I went around and picked a few more things - 2 small reddish capsicums, a few spring onions, some mini-caulis, red mustard greens, parsley, Vietnamese mint, and I can never go past the almost black kale plus I still have some of the coriander Maggie picked for me the other day. "Sounds like a plan " as Hugh, one of our sons, would say - stir-fried omelet and a melee (!) of Asian vegetables, probably with a light black-bean sauce. Even in the middle of winter we, in Adelaide and other places with a Mediterranean climate, can produce a wonderful dinner from the garden. Doesn't my photo of these vegies make you want to come to our place for dinner ??

For dessert ? Left over red currant tart with King Island cream. If you ever come across red currants you must make this tart (see 'recipes' link).
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