Friday, 27 July 2007

FARM 255

This is not a restaurant where the chef has a little kitchen garden. This is a restaurant where the farmers have a kitchen.

Until a century ago, almost everything that everyone ate everywhere on earth was organic, free-range, artisanal, and locally-grown or locally-produced. It wasn't special or high-end, it was just food. We hope for our restaurant to help achieve that norm again, and make everyday food genuinely “good food”: locally sourced, seasonal, steeped in tradition and narrative, connecting people to each other, to their community, and to their right to eat and live well.

Unlike the owners of any other restaurant we know of, we are the folks sowing turnip seeds in the morning and cooking turnip greens in the evening. We supplement our harvests with those of other local family farmers and ranchers that avoid harmful chemicals and practice sustainable agriculture. Our menu, based on seasonal shifts in the field, changes as often as the weather. Our meat comes from pasture-raised animals & is hormone & antibiotic free. We purchase whole animals & use all the various cuts of meat throughout our menu.

Excerpt from a lovely website of a farm and restaurant in the USA :

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