Tuesday, 10 July 2007


I think we have had some success and already some entries are coming in to the 'seeds to share' document. It is so satisfying for me to have people wanting to learn about using the blog and I hope everyone who went to Cath's this morning will now be able to get themselves a Google Account and start to try out putting things on the blog. Don't be shy, use the different colours, and sizes etc. Don't forget to try plles check !

Have a look at Google images, even if you can't work out how to use them.

Please email or ring me if you need to go over something again or want to do something we didn't cover. Keep practising and you will get addicted like me (and maybe like Maggie too !! Sorry Maggie). Computers and the internet are not just for the under-30's ! My son Alex, who is 20, is very proud of his silly old, gardening mum having done this blog !

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