Monday, 23 July 2007

Giants in the Veggie World

I'd really like to start talking about the cake and coffee and conversation I enjoyed after my visit to Kate's garden on top of Adelaide yesterday afternoon, because that part was great too, and bore out all those rumours of Kate's prowess in the kitchen. But let's face it, she's also a giant in a few other areas, including Blog sites but especially in growing vegetables all year round.
In fact, I've got lots of wonderful photos of all sorts of great things growing up there at Kate's, but let me keep it simple. One photo of the view, one photo of Kate, Claudia and Roger next to the giant tree cabbage, and one picture of this delightful semi-circular garden.

And then there was that long-distance chicken run; my chooks are in for a treat.
Perhaps the theme of Kate's garden is that there's room for everything, no matter how odd the space or place. And this includes some innovative recycling of materials and plants.
I'd hoped to get back there today to poke about a bit more, and perhaps get invited inside for some more of that cake. Sadly, less interesting things have claimed me.

Well done, Kate. Inspirational!

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