Thursday, 26 July 2007


All night I had gardening on my mind - where was I going to put all those plants, cuttings and seedlings I so hungerily gathered yeasterday at Fern Ave. I was up early and outside, walking round and round and up and down with my basket of goodies over my arm. Finally, it is nearly all done and watered-in, except the grapes - that area will take more preparation. Joy's campanula seemed to be my biggest problem at 1am but by 9am it was snuggling into the soil in a perfect spot that I had forgotten about in the middle of the night ! Deb's comfrey has found a home in the old strawberry patch, right next to the peastraw bales and all even Joy's fuschia fits nicely into a spot where I could never grow anything until our old dog died and stopped burying her bones there! Now I am off to my mother's and am taking her a pot of some of my mint, that was spreading across a path. She will give me more oranges, grapefruit and lemonade lemons.......and so the exchange of goods spreads forever wider and wider, just as it should be.

I really think that people who buy their produce in a supermarket must be pitied as they have never felt that wonderful joy of sharing what you have grown and meeting with such a friendly and fabulous group of people as gathered yesterday at Fern Ave. It was great to meet Christie and see her laughing and chatting with people old enough to be her parents or even grandparents. That baby of hers is in for a treat when she gives it some of her home-grown vegies, in the years to come!

My friend Kathy from my Wednesday gardening group was also glowing with enthusiasm and decided to join up on the spot. Her garden is one we should all visit as there is some kind of magic there that produces vegetables of unprecedented quality for one so new to gardening !

Cath and Rob will be around with another load of soil to help level Mt Osmond, on Saturday.... and so the exchanges continue...

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Maggie said...

Good one Kate, our goodies are also all in there new homes.