Monday, 2 July 2007

Monday night 2nd July William Martin of 'Wigandia'

A talk entitled The 'art' of not gardening.
Check the friends of the botanic gardens website for details.
Also check William Martins website

Wiganda is amazing!!!


Maggie said...

Wiganda is amazing. I notice on Williams website that Wiganda is going to be on channel 7 soon. It will be on Jamie Duries -Australias Best Backyards.
Better still you could drive to Victoria and visit Wiganda.
September 1st and 2nd. (Aus open garden scheme)
An artist and his garden creation.
Just check out Williams website.
Do our gardens have a soul, do they move us,do they make us turn around,are we respecting our environment and our plants,are they a thing of joy and beauty, are there spaces to think and contemplate ,is there poetry,is there plenty of time to enjoy our creations.
Last nights talk was a wonderful expression of art,an artist and his garden.

Kate said...

Sounds like a lovely experience. I looked at the website but I wish there were some more overall pictures,rather than just tiny areas or single plants. How anyone can keep little piles of white stones clean and weed-free is a mystery to me - lots of chemicals probably. He certainly puts succulents together well. I think I'd prefer a more natural look, though.

Maggie said...

No chemicals and no added water ' The garden is on old volcanic soil (on the side of a hill) and the scorea (rocks)he gets from near by.Kate he is into letting the plants be and grouping them with species they would normally grow with.

Anonymous said...

Hey..Thats me and my place you are blogging about..thanks all..So glad my talk went down ok..My wife Robyn enjoyed talking to the couple who are members of your group at my talk..Kate sorry if you can't find what you like on my jumped to some rather hasty conclusions!!