Saturday, 14 July 2007

Veggie Gardeners in a World Gone Crazy

Yesterday I was tidying my book shelves. Regrouping my books back to there various categories - herbs, Indian, health, etc.
I found one copy of The Living Soil not with the others. As I put it in its home I was trying to remember when this journey of ours started.
We were invited along to the Soil Association meeting which was held within walking distance of our home.
Well what a pleasant surprise. Andrew was talking about "Feeding the family from the backyard veggie patch "(it must work they are all still alive).
Diana was selling seedlings, there were Eden Seeds to buy and some veggies from someones garden.
And there were more surprises Pat and Peter had provided delicious homemade soup and other goodies.
From this we did Diana's gardening course twice and met all you wonderful folk.
Now we head off to the Rare Fruit society (this week is fruit tree grafting I think) They have a rare fruit supper feast.
We go to the Natural Health Society, the Herb Society and I've been going to the Friends of the Botanic gardens talks. I have been to the succulent Plant Society and might go to the Native Plant Society. I also go to all the talks at Cancer Care they always good.
There is always so much to learn and I am always inspired by different speaker's passion for there particular interest.
I think it was Viv who suggested we save seeds. So we have Hills and Plains Seedsavers.
Now Kate has set up this wonderful blog.
With its links like Food Shed we are taken all around the world to hear about organics, buying locally, kitchen gardeners and backyard veggie patches.


Pattie Baker said...

Thanks for the link! All the best! I'll check back often.

Kate said...

...and we hear about mulching too ! My compost heap is now too hot to touch !Lovely picture of your patch, Maggie.