Friday, 10 August 2007

Are We Being Sold a Lemon ?

This morning I was thinking about lemons as I dropped 3 lemon verbena leaves into a mug of hot water and headed for the computer.
Other lemon things come to mind.
Lemon myrtle, lemongrass, lemon balm and lemon verbena all make great teas, just crushed up and put in a pot.
I have been growing them, picking them, drying them out a bit and then storing them in glass jars. Now I have a years supply of organically grown teas.
Lemon thyme and lemon basil can also be kept for times when its too dark to pick the fresh herb.
Then there are all the wonderful varieties of lemons and their juice, zest and peel.
Besides being so rich in nutrients they taste so good and they improve the flavors of other foods.

I was looking up the nutritional value of lemons because although they are acidic they have an alkalizing effect on the body.
Most talks I go to suggest that an alkaline body is the best way for our immune systems to protect against disease.

The last herbalist I heard speak said "if you cannot afford to buy all organic vegetables and fruit, at least only buy grass fed organic meat."
So when I came across this document Why Go Organic? this morning I thought I would pass it on.

Well how lucky are our bodies that we are growing and eating our own veges.

The photo above is from a great Indian blog with fantastic recipes. The blog is called Mahanandi - Cooking with Consciousness - Recipes from India & the World. Click here to see the blog Mahanandi

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Andrew said...

Hey Maggie
When do we get to come and eat at your place; the food always sounds mouth-watering!
I can bring along about 6 tonne of lemons. Frankly, we have so many, and so few ideas about what to do to store them for the inevitable off-season. We use them for salad dressing, but not much else.
Any ideas?