Wednesday, 15 August 2007

Seed to Seed Food Gardens in Schools

Here is an email we received recently from Seedsavers.

Dear gardener/ teacher/ parent

Do you find children’s eating habits are deteriorating? That there is a crisis in health due to poor diet? That the general level of gardening skills is degenerating?
To address these problems Seed Savers has published a ninety page book, Seed to Seed Food Gardens in Schools for teachers, educators and educational planners, school staff and parents.The authors of Seed to Seed Food Gardens in Schools are Jo Immig, an environmental scientist and co-ordinator of the National Toxics Network who has written several books including the “The Toxic Playground” and “Safer Solutions” which detail how to avoid hazardous chemicals and better safeguard children’s health from environmental pollution and me, Jude Fanton, gardener and long-time dreamer of food gardens in schools.
There are suggestions for activities, a resource list with books, websites, resource centres and non-hybrid seed companies, and a list of sixty-six Local Seed Networks around Australia.The production of the book grew out of the making of a food garden at Byron Bay Public School. Photos of that process illustrate the book, along with amusing black and white drawings throughout by Dr Liz Elliott.
You can buy a hard copy from us here at Seed Savers in black and white with a coloured cover for $20.00 post paid, or for free as a full colour downloadable pdf from our website,
I have gleaned your email address from past enquiries about publications on food gardens in schools, or included you because you have been involved with this project at some time over the last three years, or because you are an associate of Seed Savers. Please pass this message on to any friends and email lists that you think would like to hear about this publication.

To order, send $20.00 cheque or money order to Seed Savers Network at the postal address below, or, if by credit card, contact phone numbers below.
Enquiries re orders:

Jude Fanton,Director
Saving the Genetic Diversity of Tomorrow's Food
Box 975, Byron Bay,
NSW 2481,
AustraliaTel (61) 02 6685 7560Tel/Fax (61) 02 6685 6624
Mobile: 0432 549 825


Maggie said...

This is fantastic.
Congratulations Jo,Jude,Liz and the rest of your team who put this together.
What better gift to give to your local school than this publication.
With KGI day approaching lets spread the word of this possibly life saving publication.

Andrew said...

Great story; I'll add veggie growing at the local Magill school to my list of interesting and valuable things I can do on retirement
Jude - love your work!

gardengal said...

That's very generous of Jude et. al. to publish this book free on the internet!