Wednesday, 29 August 2007


Deb had the great idea of us all sharing not just seeds but also knowledge and skills, that we have built up over our lives. Sometimes we wish we knew how best to go about doing something and usually, out there in the ether, there will be someone only too happy to give us a lesson or demo, if only we could connect .

As a result I have started another document called 'Skills to Share'. Here we can do 2 things - ask for help and offer something ourselves.

The document is still under construction as I have few computer skills but am lucky enough to have helpers at hand, if I can be bothered asking them. In fact anyone who accepts the invitation to join can redo the table I have made or add extra bits if they know how and this would save me sitting here instead of being outside !

I tried to think of something I could offer, to start things off, but I can't think of anything that I know at all ! It is a bit sad, that! So, if you know of anything I could help you with please feel free to add it to the table.

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