Friday, 17 August 2007


Its time to go outside as the shopping has been done,
Its time to feel the breeze and have a little fun,
It would be easy to sit down and have another cuppa
Instead of working hard to provide us with our supper,
But the earth and sky they draw me
And the chooks I want to see
So many seeds I want to sow
And vegetables I long to grow,
I can't stay inside a moment longer
This feeling does grow ever stronger....

1 comment:

Andrew said...

Hi Kate
I know just how you feel - I'm desperate to get out in the graden, but still trying to complete my studies, and am down to half-a-day on Sunday to do it all.
Still, the capsicums are still producing, the peas are coming along, mint is everywhere (any one want some?) and we're still getting greens.
The fox got two more chooks on the one evening I took off (for a BBQ on a farm down in the country). So I'll be looking for new layers come Spring; perhaps I'll get some at the Royal Show?
Anyway, bet your garden is looking great, Kate. The best fertilizer is still the gardener's shadow...