Tuesday, 25 September 2007


I spent a wonderful day at Nirvana on Sunday, learning to think the biodynamic way. Deb led 6 of us through some of the practical applications of biodynamics and gently got us to throw out or at least alter our scientific mindset to see things more wholistically and with an openness of spirit.

I don't know much about Homeopathy, but it seemed to me the essence of the workings is very similar with Biodynamics. Tiny amounts of concentrations, treated in ways governed by many of the earth's forces, are distributed across the landscape and have an influence on the life there.
These photos show some people stirring the 500 mix - made by burying cow horns full of fresh cow manure in the soil for 3-6 months and then dissolving little bits into these barrels of water and stirring them a certain way for 1 hour.
Deb had made the yoghurt cake that is on the recipes page and provided us with a fresh lunch with those lovely rolls she is so good at. The other people were all so nice and 2 of them had seen our blog and 1 was there because she had seen the day mentioned on the blog. Another person I knew from the yoga class I go to. So many connections.
Thanks Deb and I look forward to learning more.
We are supposed to sow seed today - 2 days before the full moon - but it is too hot for me and probably for the seed too, so I will do it tomorrow afternoon, and hope for the best.

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