Friday, 21 September 2007

Brett's Bits

Well I've finally got off my proverbial and decided to do my first post - I just didn't want to rush things. So here's a few shots of a couple of the things I've got in pots etc around the place.

After seeing the hothouse that Kate posted today, I thought I'd share my miniature version for the Cos that Kate gave me recently using recycled dry cleaning plastic over a self watering tub.

After 4 days I took the plastic off and have got quite a good germination

Here's my Black Krim tomato at about 6 weeks that I re potted into my new tomato pot.

Here's a few more of the things I've got coming along.
Chocolate Mint (yummy!!!!)

My Bay tree which after 4 years has finally got some worthwhile new growth

Deb's Comfrey
Until next time - happy gardening
PS I'll work on my picture formatting/placement.


Maggie said...

Excellent, welcome to blog land.
It is great the way we can share plants.

Kate said...

Great to see what you are doing,Brett. That photo placement thing is tiresome and it seems to have a mind of its own !Good luck!