Wednesday, 19 September 2007

Moon Lantern Festival

I'm glad I remembered the Moon Lantern Festival will be celebrated in Adelaide next week.

If you live in another State or country you will probably find a similar event.

This mid-Autumn full moon harvest festival has been held for over 3,000 years.

"When the moon is full - mankind is one."

Moon Festival information

More Moon Festival information

If you have children or grandchildren this would be a great time to get together, make paper lanterns, bake moon cookies & stay up & watch the full moon.

"OzAsia Moon Lantern Festival

Location: Elder Park, River Torrens


Dates: 25 September 2007

Duration: 3.5 Hours

Come and enjoy a tradition that's thousands of years old, with lanterns and performances both traditional and contemporary, to celebrate Adelaide’s inaugural OzAsia Moon Lantern Festival.
When the full moon rises high in the night sky, it calls families and lovers both near and far to reflect on the strong bonds that unite us. On this special night, we think about absent loved ones, eat moon cakes, and enjoy being together under the moon.
The OzAsia Moon Lantern Festival will feature schoolchildren and community groups from across South Australia, parading hand-made traditional and contemporary lanterns, together with storytelling, martial arts, music, dance, Asian cuisine and Dragon Boats on the River Torrens.
Entry is free. Festivities from 6pm, starting with a Buddhist blessing in the Rotunda. The Lantern Parade starts soon after sunset.
In case of very wet weather, performances will take place in the Festival Centre Banquet Room. Call the Adelaide Festival Centre on 08 8216 8600 on the day if you’re unsure if the event will take place. "


Pattie Baker said...

Maggie: I've never heard of the Moon Lantern Festival, and I don't see anything like it anywhere in Atlanta! Sounds like fun--we'll have to have our own!

Anonymous said...

Nice idea but... Its Spring!! well will be after the equinox on Saturday. It would be nice if we celebrated easter now as its the Spring festival, new life etc & in autumn the harvest moon was celebrated.
Its about time we got it right. In autumn we are hounded by schools wanting fertile eggs to hatch at easter, a their lowest fertility & going into winter, while now , the peak of fertility no one is interested
Lets celebrate the seasons as they are here better still lets celebrate the Aboriginal seasons- there are more of them. that way we may learn a little more about or own seasonal patterns

Maggie said...

Of course you are right Deb.Isn't it a great thing that through sharing our knowledge or lack of it and listening to each other "our world gets bigger every day"
I know nothing about the Aboriginal seasons!