Tuesday, 25 September 2007

Potimarron Pumpkin Propagation Progress

Hi Everyone,
Here are some photos of 10 day old Potimarron Pumpkin seedlings. I got the seeds from Kate at our last get together. Kate was quite concerned that the seeds looked a bit scrawny and wouldn't amount to anything. As you can see Kate, they're starting to come along fine. I planted 8 seeds and 4 have risen so far, with a few more on the way :)

So you can rest easy Kate, you haven't dished out any dodgy seeds - unlike a seed company that I won't name here but I'm sure if you dig around enough you'd be able to dig up there name ;~)

Happy full moon


Kate said...

I am so relieved about that, Brett. Now Bob can sow his too.I think I might sow somw too!

Paul Doughton said...

hi, about the potimarron, do you know when is the best time to harvest? I have one nice one and thought that, rather than wait for the big warts that develop with age, whether it would be an advantage to harvest them at a smoother, bright orange stage. any suggestions? I am in Ballarat, Vic.
Thanks, Paul :)