Tuesday, 9 October 2007


Recently on the Saturday morning gardening programme on 891, Jon Lamb gave some information that I thought was quite useful for people wondering what dripper systems to put in. Read the article here:


I would also recommend listening to what he actually said on the audio, on the same page as it was a lot more comprehensive than the notes.

Of use to me was the comment that the only dripper line that he had found that would work with the very low pressure of water coming out of a holding tank for grey water, was the black, flat one with the blue stripes.

I was also interested to read his table indicating how much water various size plants need so that you can run enough dripper-line to satisfy your different garden sections. Of course this is a rough guide, but nevertheless, useful when you don't really have any idea how much water a plant needs or how much water your dripper-line puts out.

All in all the only information I have seen relevant to Adelaide and what is in our local shops and how best to make the most of a bad situation without letting your garden die. Get ready now, before your garden and you become stressed. I can help anyone with how to put it all together and make it work for you as my whole (and I mean WHOLE) garden is covered and Roger and I spent years getting it right so that we could go away anytime and it would all be OK - unless something broke - which it never has, surprisingly.

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