Monday, 22 October 2007

"From Earth to Plate"

This was the title of a guided walk around the Adelaide Botanic Gardens which we went on last Saturday. It was great, our guide Helena showed us all sorts of parts of edible trees, plants and herbs. We go for walks to the gardens all the time but next time I go I shall be stopping to read the plant and tree labels. Did you know there is a very old pecan nut tree, an old cinnamon tree, an old cassia tree and a whole row of very healthy cardamon plants growing in the gardens? One of the best things to do in Adelaide is go for a stroll around the gardens, check out their link as next week there is a pram stroll for new parents! I think the volunteer guides at the gardens do an amazing job in sharing their knowledge of the "living treasures" in the gardens.

There are guided walks daily, there are may changes in the gardens and of course every plant is also changing daily. Why do anything else but visit a garden.!

Botanic Gardens Walk 018 Botanic Gardens Walk 035 Botanic Gardens Walk 049


Kate said...

I wish they had these things on the week days as it all sounds so good.

Maggie said...

They do have a daily tour around the gardens but I don't know what they talk about.

Maggie said...

The Wittunga spring talk is on every tuesday morning but the guide said a lot of the wildflowers are finished now.