Tuesday, 23 October 2007

Fennel and Purple Congo Potatoes Help!

Okay I know I am not Italian but what do I do with large fennel bulbs? Last year we sliced them and had them as a salad. This year I left them grow larger and have made an Italian style tomato sauce with them in but it is not fantastic. What do you do with them?

Also today we made sorrel and purple congo potato soup , it was okay but nothing special. We have had them steamed with butter and they are okay but there must be some way to make them delicious!


Kate said...

I have adapted one of Jamie Oliver's beetroot recipes - see the recipe blog (I will put it on now). They last quite well in the fridge so thinly sliced in salad is great. Also perfect is another recipe I have where you roast them with other vegs and cumin and honey - I will put that on the recipes page too.You can use them in place of sliced onion in cooking too.

Maggie said...

Thanks Kate the recipes you have posted look easy and sound yummy.
I thought fennel would have a much stronger flavour, it's more a subtle background flavour.
I ended up adding some ground mountain pepperleaf to the tomato,white wine sauce I had the fennel in and after it stood for awhile it was great.