Wednesday, 31 October 2007


I’ve just finished bottling a batch of elderflower champagne, which you may get to taste when visiting Nirvana. Since it was drizzling I declined to go to petanque, actually I managed to falloff the ladder yesterday while pruning a oak on the driveway from a ‘willow house’ type shape to its usual ‘bat cave’ shape so the ‘tin gods’(cars) would drive through rather than around on the orchard!
I’ve also been busy making elderflower cordial.

The seeds planted one week ago (2 days before the full moon) are starting to emerge from their ‘sleep’ tiny rows of green seedlings contrast with the rich brown of the soil. It’s an exciting event, and this month we have been blessed with regular light showers that go so well with the miracle of germination and new life. So far all the lettuces are up along with chicory, miners lettuce, arugula, endive there are much more to follow like four types of carrots, various beetroot, celery, celeriac, basil, rainbow chard ,Egyptian spinach, mache, kales, spring onions, beans both climbing and bush and the last to germinate will be the parsnips In the trays the pumpkins are half up. Every thing has its time and rhythm and when I plant new things I’m keen to observe and taste these new treats.

The garden is still producing lots of greens, broad beans, purple podded peas, asparagus, strawberries are getting started, celery, red cabbage, broccoli, purple cauliflowers, parsley while others are putting their energy into producing seeds for the future.

Like the wonderful angelica.


Maggie said...

Falling off a ladder I hope you are okay.Your vege garden looks amazing, so healthy! You are a real inspiration Deb with what you achieve on your farm.All those seedlings WOW!

Kath said...
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