Saturday, 3 November 2007


I sat down to have a coffee after a lovely session potting up yet more seedlings and still not having enough garden space for them to go directly in...anyway, there I was sitting there and over on the kitchen bench was a bunch of the most perfect carrots I have ever grown (and just picked ). I couldn't take my eyes off them - you know that skippity doo thing - but I resisted the urge to put them on the blog. Now I have finished my coffee and have lots of other things to tend to but I am fully addicted ! There is no where you could send me for rehab, except maybe Antarctica, because plants grow everywhere and the internet is creeping into all the farthest flung places on earth.

So, here's my love for today. I have them growing in a tub (I was going to say 'outside' but that's pretty obvious!) so I can get the soil friable and deep and it works. I chose to grow a fairly long and thin variety so they could all squeeze in together. I grew some free carrots from Diggers last year - they were purple on the outside and orange in the middle and were the most delicious carrots I have ever had but I couldn't find exactly the right seed this year. Somewhere (I hope) I have the name of them written down but these are good too, if not quite so tasty.


Maggie said...

They look fantastic Kate, we grew carrots twice in our center bed and both times they looked like tiny alphabet shapes.

gardengal said...

Those are beautiful carrots.
All mine I planted last autumn went to seed. They didn't look very nice anyway. Better luck next year maybe.