Wednesday, 28 November 2007

A December to Remember

Lets get together once more before our gardens die, no I mean before the end of the year. Don't worry about seeds etc except if you have arrangements with someone . Lets just sit down in the Economic Garden of the Botanic Gardens and have an old-fashioned picnic. Maggie says there are lots of things to look at there and elsewhere in the gardens.

I always make gingerbread men and panforte and other festive things and I would like to share them with you. I have put the recipes on the blog too. In fact, it would make christmas fun again to have people to give my goodies away to who would love the joy I have in giving them. I could go all tear-in-the-eyes about this but I won't. (Did you see The Choir Of Hard Knocks singing at the Opera House on TV the other night? Now that did it for me, again!)

Date: Wednesday December 19th, 2pm

I will put a map here, closer to the day.


Maggie said...

Sounds great Kate, it is always good to get together and I love the Botanic Gardens.There are so many plants to see and its just about time for the Sacred lotus pond to be "blooming good". The new cactis garden is great, the Meditteranean Garden is growing and and I have not checked out the new Giant Water Lily Pavilion. I might bring enough food to just lie around and enjoy the gardens till the heat of the day passes. Thanks for organizing this.

Chook said...

A get together at the Botanic gardens would be great!

Pattie Baker said...

Hmmm. Maybe I'll go to the Atlanta Botanical Garden that day and think of you all the way around the world! Of course, I'll be freezing! But I'll decorate my gingerbread cookies with jackets!

Anonymous said...

Hi Kate,
I also think the Botanic Gardens would be a lovely place to get together.It would be great to meet everyone. I will also be able to personally thank Chook for his advice on how to use this comment space.
Also Kate, I am really excited as we had 247 bales of hay produced today from our paddock,it's the first time we've cut hay! So I have that skippity doo feeling,we will have to stack and cover it tomorrow before the rain. Hope i'm still excited at the end of the day!

Kate said...

Wow Glenys. I can't wait to see it all stacked up. Don't hold your breath about the rain though.Pity it wasn't your turn for gardening we could have it done easier for you.