Friday, 9 November 2007

Happy Diwali



Anonymous said...

Hi Maggie,
your blog bought a smile to my face!I had not thought of Diwali for many years but as a small child growing up in Fiji in the sixties,it was a time of wonderment for both my siblings and I.
The Indian community there would go to extraordinary lengths to celebrate the festival of lights, which as you know is an important event on the hindu calendar.
All the Indian shops would have a plethora of the most amazing posters,cards,trinkets,lights etc. for sale.
As a child the images of Gods, Goddesses with numerous arms , elephant trunks etc. was fascinating to say the least.
I remember my older brother and sister singing a very peculiar Diwali song.
Perhaps my sister Lyn will have to come along and sing it at one of the seed savers meetings!
Anyway I plan to google Diwali on the net to clarify what were very sketchy childhood recollections!
Thankyou for bringing back pleasant memories to me.
Happy Diwali to you!and as they say in the classics, how bizarre, how bizarre!

Maggie said...

Thank you for your comments. I have an Indian family living near me who have introduced me to their culture and food. Their is a wonderful Hindu Temple here in Adelaide. You would love the singing I think. Yes we shall have to have an Indian meal together some time, I love learning about other cultures. And the way Indian cooks blend spices and foods is a real art.