Friday, 2 November 2007

Its Hard To Kill A Good Sourdough!

Sometimes things just do not go the way you plan them too. I had planned to make Deb's sour dough rolls.
I thought I would try the sour dough using different flours as I try to avoid wheat.
I used rye, barley and spelt flours but ended up with a sticky mess.
I left my sticky mess for a few days while contemplating what could be done with it.

I added a little wheat flour to some and then pressed it into a large pizza tray. I spread some olive oil over the surface and then I sprinkled finely sliced onions, freshly chopped oregano, crushed garlic and some crumbled fetta cheese. I baked this in a hot oven and it was delicious.

Okay, maybe I can make a sultana pizza, so I added 2 spoonfuls of cinnamon to the mix, and some sultanas  spread the mix onto a pizza tin, I brushed it with milk and baked it in a moderately hot oven. This was also great .  I was on a roll  nothing would be able to stop my creativity. Or so I thought.

Okay now to the scary bit, I added 2 eggs, some yoghurt, some sultanas, a bit of self raising flour and a spoon full of honey and enough milk to make a cake like consistency. It looked okay so I lined a pan with grease proof paper and baked it in a moderate oven. So far so good  but I had forgotten to grease the paper, so my cake was stuck to the paper. We tried to remove it but it remained immovable. Then Bob had the brilliant idea to wash it of, so here he is at the kitchen sink washing my cake. Well not just washing it but soaking it with water and trying to scrub the paper off. By this stage I was laughing hysterically, anyway back it went into the oven to dry out . The photo shows we did not get all the paper off  but it is very nice, solid and sour but quite delicious and very edible. Great sour dough creations! 

Life does not always work out as we plan, but sometimes the results are okay.

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Kath said...

Have you seen John Downes book called "Natural Tucker Bread Book"? It has 60 recipes for sourdough, unleavened breads etc and many use different flours. You are welcome to borrow it anytime.