Friday, 30 November 2007


I spent a lovely time on the verandah this afternoon with next year's friends. I sat on a little stool that Hugh made at school in year 8, as there wasn't room for us all otherwise. Some of the friends were big and blousy and others ever so tiny and they ranged in colour from pale to black ! Their parents have all lived in my vegie patch at some time during this last year and all were wonderfully happy, producing food for us whenever we chose to drop in. Now I have hundreds or even thousands of their babies ready to do it all again in autumn. It is really one of those 'connection with the earth' feelings to have been through so much together and to know that the progeny of these could live on through history, when we are all long gone.

They will stay in open icecream containers until I am quite sure they are dry. I don't want them going mouldy, like some precious bean seeds that Tony Scarfo gave me once !

All these seed heads were picked by our Wednesday garden group last time and I was just finishing off removing them from the stalks and winnowing off some of the debris. The edible chrysanthemum had a surprising scent - just like chamomille flowers, totally unlike the taste of the leaves.
Surely by then it will be cool and damp or I really will emigrate to NZ !!
* From the end spring new beginnings.* A quote from Pliny the Elder via FoodShed Planet.


Maggie said...

Great Kate when I get organized I shall put our "babies" on the blog.

Maggie said...

We stopped eating ice cream so I don't have any pretty coloured plastic containers.