Monday, 31 December 2007

Fresh From The Garden Today

Just before Christmas I was thinking of Middle Eastern recipes because they are very healthy, delicious, include a lot of vegetarian dishes and are perfect for what is ready to pick in our garden.
So while I was shopping I stopped a lady who I thought was Lebanese to ask her "what do you put in your Tabbouleh?"
We had a long conversation and she was very happy to tell me what she puts in her Tabbouleh, her stuffed zucchinis, how she adds mint and parsley to mashed potatoes and drizzles oil on the top, how to make kibbeh and lots of other things she likes to cook.
Now I share her recipe with you but not in the recipe section because this is a recipe you take the basic idea and add your own flavour to it.
Her secret is to use only 1/4 cup of fine bourghul wheat, put it in a bowl and add freshly chopped tomatoes, let the juice from the tomatoes soak into the wheat, now add sliced spring onions, 3 cups of chopped parsley, 1 cup chopped mint, some lemon juice, olive oil, ground black pepper, salt and maybe some cinnamon or allspice. Use small lettuce leaves to scoop up your creation.
It would not be difficult to think up bush tucker foods that could be added to this basic idea and if you don't eat wheat you could use cooked rice or quinoa.
The best part of our conversation came when she started to tell me where to buy big bunches of mint and parsley at the markets and my face lit up and I got all excited saying, Oh that's the one piece of advice I don't need, I have heaps of all these things growing in my garden.
Who needs much else when you can gather all these goodies 3 metres from your back door.
Happy New Year and Happy Gardening for 2008 and may there be lots of Sky Juice for everyone.
Click here to visit Lebanon, the recipes the culture & beautiful photographs -


Kate said...

I love Lebanese and all middle-eastern food - I think they would be my favourites. Lots of vegetables and spices and lemon juice.mmmm....if it wasn't so hot I would go and pick some mint right now and make tabbouli for lunch. That recipe I put on the recipes page, for Red Lentil salad is excellent for a tabbouli-like experience. I can't stop making it !In fact one hot night we just had that with barbequed Turkish bread for dinner.

Maggie said...

Great idea I shall try the lentils.There is a Lebanese grocery store next to the Villi's factory, just off South Road and the lady told me they sell a Lebanese spice mix. I love discovering new ingredients.

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