Tuesday, 25 December 2007

Happy Christmas and Holiday Time to you all

Another year another season. Wow! it is so cool to have this mild December weather and how wonderful to have so much rain this week.

Well some folks are having a break from blogging but for this slow typist it will be a good chance to tell my stories of my garden, my cooking adventures and things of interest in Adelaide. So get yourself motivated, find someone who is a computer genius, who can put your story online and join me to talk about what's happening to the tomatoes and what you are cooking with all the zucchinis and basil.

I have planted 6 different varieties of mild chilies and am waiting to see what they are like, I like Mexican food so I shall be trying some new recipes. Maybe even smoking and drying some chilies. Does anyone have a good recipe for Chili Jam?

Have a great Day whatever you are doing or not doing.


Chook said...

What a perfect truss of tomatoes! They're going to be delish!

Maggie said...

This striped zucchini is the best we have ever grown, the seedling came from Diana, it has a lovely sweet flavour and just keeps producing beautiful zucchinis and I don't think I shall ever get tired of zucchini fritters, I shall put the recipe in the recipe link soon