Tuesday, 4 December 2007

The Herb Society of South Australia Goes " Potty"

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Well just a regular Monday evening when a group of fun loving herb loving folks gather to celebrate the end of another year of fun, learning and growing Herbs.

The theme for this year was "The Potting Shed" so we all dressed up as something out of our garden or potting shed.

My favourites were the sack of potatoes and the actual potting shed with hinges and a door that opened to reveal gardening tools!

We had a cryptic quiz about things found in a potting shed, told stories and had a lovely supper and fruit punch.

Someone made a real egg sponge cake with fresh raspberries from their garden. Wow was it great!

I chatted to someone from Clair who told me how Kangaroos had destroyed her garden and other people had trouble with rabbits everywhere, so they were going to fence off their property, and of course Clair has had no rain so it all makes gardening difficult. They also talked about the cost to pump their stored water. How lucky are we to have mains town water.

Someone made a cucumber salad which was delicious.  Really thinly sliced cucumber, sprinkled with salt to draw out the moisture, the liquid drained off then some olive oil, vinegar, crushed garlic and lots of chopped fresh dill added. Fantastic and of course the magic ingredient in that was the fresh dill from her garden.

Well if you love your herbs as much as we all do you might end up just as "potty " as all of us.

So if you would like to drive down to Woodville on the 1st Monday of each month, starting in February you would be very warmly welcomed.

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Kate said...

Sounds like you were in your element, Maggie, with lots of fun-loving people.