Thursday, 6 December 2007


Here is an extract from a timely article I found in the Messenger, written by the amazingly knowledgeable Malcolm Campbell:

...." The question of pruning tomatoes comes up every summer and the answer depends on the plant type. Removing the axillary laterals from all indeterminate tomatoes - the tall ones that need staking, such as Mighty Red will foster more trusses and fruit. But leave the laterals on all determinate types, such as Romas, which do not need staking, as their trusses form within the bush. Also refrain from pruning vine tomatoes such as cherry, grape and pear varieties, compact types and most heritage tomatoes. For more details on this, see the book-length article under "digging deeper" at "

Now I don't know what to do because I have planted all heritage varieties and he says "most" shouldn't be pruned. I have never pruned any before but just this year I thought I would give it a try. I wonder what Tony Scarfo's were - does anybody know? He was pruning his and then there is that Italian man at Fern Ave, his are pruned but what are they?? I will go and read Malcolm's "book-length" article and see what I can learn.

UPDATE: Now I have read all the info there I know that all my tomatoes, except for the Romas, are the pruning type. Prune and stake I will, until I get sick of it or they grow too fast or I go away. If you too are unsure read what Malcolm has to say about all the different varities.

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