Wednesday, 26 December 2007

Simple Pleasures

Christmas day here was a quite, peaceful and relaxing day with delicious no fuss food direct from our garden and farm.

Lunch was a simple ploughman's type on the veranda overlooking the orchards.

Highlights being my own goose liver pate , fresh green salad that included our first of the seasons beans and cucumbers with the added zing of fresh blackcurrants .All served with my latest sour dough creation of 4 grains.

This was slowly savoured.

By late afternoon we were ready to try the chestnut cake ( A recipe from Wendy E. Cook's book, The Biodynamic Food & Cookbook) It was great , rich, moist ,delicious and easy to make. This cake will become a regurar dish here.

By this time Quentin had prepared the goose. Here this is our most common roast as this is the meat we produce. The goose was cooked to perfection , Stuffed with chestnuts and served with wonderfully roasted vegetables especially the suberbly sweet parsnip from the garden.

We could only manage a small taste and look foward to a few more meals featuring roast goose, pate and not forgetting the chestnut cake.

Who knows if you pass by at the right time you may get to share some.


Maggie said...

Deb that looks fantastic,you two are amazing with what you produce.
Pattie from Foodshed Planet(on the 24th Dec) mentions an article from the NY Times about Adelaide.On the article you can click on a slide show to see food shots of Adelaide.
They look like plastic food compared to what you and others of our group produce and cook or dry. I mentioned you in a comment there and I have mentioned you and your dried fruits when they were talking
about preserving food.

Chook said...

Sounds like Christmas was a wonderful feast for everyone at your place. (Except the goose of course!) The cake looks divine!