Tuesday, 11 December 2007

TOO BUSY....a little ditty

I skipped across the kitchen again,
The cool weather is always my friend.
Everyone says they're too busy,
Its making me feel quite dizzy.
While I potter in my garden a while
Most don't even have time for a smile.
Christmas presents abound in my home
I make them and grow them, you know,
Sometimes my rellies despair
But really I just couldn't care.
I don't have to queue up in shops
But of love I give lots and lots,
Some people! they just don't get it
So I say OK, lets forget it -
We'll give to a charity or two
It's quick and easy to do.
They leave it to me to work out
Time is not what their lives are about.
I am glad we can choose our own friends
Because rellies really are the end !


Maggie said...

Okay. now I think our celebration time is actually a birthday party for Jesus. I am sure he would be happy just to visit, look at our gardens and have a cup of tea. Hey we could have cake!

Maggie said...

Me again we could start a tea and cake for Christmas campaign!
There is a weaver at Oakbank who started 3 minutes silence for world peace and she has toured the world as different countries have joined in, I shall check my facts and then let you know all about the weavers from Oakbank.