Friday, 7 December 2007


I was looking for a blog that Maggie recommended when I cam across one with potential. The first item read:

"It is my mission this Christmas not to peel a single vegetable"

I thought that was a good idea - I never peel vegetables and this person was going to try it too. Then I looked at the accompanying photo - it was of a woman holding up a tin. Oh no....she meant that everything she was going to cook for the 14 family members was going to come from a tin ! Yuk, how shocking a thought. Mrs. David would have told her off quick smart! In fact that blog was English - looks like Mrs David was right in her criticism of English cooks.

I have a nasty snarl on my face now and I will have to go to Deb's blog to read something sane before I go on with the day.

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