Wednesday, 30 January 2008


I listened to part of an informative session on the radio one weekend recently called:

Here you can read a summary, see some photos and listen to the original broadcast. It wasn't based on edible plants but the ideas are useful to think about for all the beautiful edible aquatic plants we can grow here in SA. In a courtyard or small garden these would be a stunning way to grow water chestnuts, water spinach and a whole host of water plants I read about in "Oriental Vegetables".
This photo (above) from the article shows what you can do with pickle barrels.Bring your trailer and head out to Paramount Browns Salvage with me and we will get some cheap barrels. (They are about $20)
I cut off the bottom and use it for the aquatic plants (water cress and a few water chestnuts in this one on the left) and the top becomes a compost bin (they have excellent, easy fit lids. See right).

I have enough compost bins so this time, after cutting off the bottom, I am going to cut off the top, sloping part, place the rest of the barrel slightly into the soil and grow some things that require different soil eg Sturt Desert Peas, large succulents etc in each and have them as a feature in steep or tree-root infested areas. They should be painted to reflect some heat - maybe an Aboriginal design with the Sturt Deasert Peas would look good. (If only I was artistic - I will have to get son Hugh to help.)

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