Tuesday, 29 January 2008


The lengths we go to in order to harvest our produce are illustrated here. I was clambering along the sill outside our upstairs windows, merrily cleaning them and feeling quite skippity doo about getting this job done when I came to the self-sown peach tree. You can see the sill on the right and the clothesline below, on the left in this photo.Well, I came to the top of it as it grows up over the clothesline - very inconvenient - and leans a little towards the sill where I was standing. From below you can't see these peaches very well but I sure could see them now and decided it was time to pick them.


It required some shoes as walking on the roof of the room below burnt my feet. It was worth it - as you can see in the photo of the basketful of delicious peaches. This tree lives only on the runoff from the top story roof as we dont have any gutters there and I never water it. It came up only 3 years ago and now look. There were lots of peaches down lower but I let the parrots have them because we have an extravagantly enormous crop of peaches this year.

Now I had better go and clean the windows on the other side - who knows what I will find there!

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Pattie said...

kate; I love your fuschia hollyhocks! Mine are deep purple/black (and a long way from blooming since it is winter here!). Wish we could share seeds, but I know we can't. :(