Wednesday, 23 January 2008


Maggie and I were just chatting on the phone and between us came up with the idea to donate our Johnny's Seeds prize, that we received for the Grow-off Show-off competition, to someone or some group who could put it to really good use.

We both received the KGI newsletter a day or two ago and immediately thought of the project mentioned there as one that, firstly has a direct link to KGI, secondly, needs seeds and thirdly, is run from Maine where Johnny's Seeds are situated so making the best use of the money, without wasting half on postage.

Here is the first paragraph of the newsletter..
My name is David Buchanan and I'm a KGI member as well as a member of its board. Roger has been busy building our nifty new community site the past few weeks and asked me if I'd be willing to help out by writing this month's newsletter.
Despite my love of winter in New England, this past month I traded my snow shovel for a pickax and flew from Portland, Maine to the delta grasslands of Buenos Aires, Argentina. For the past three weeks I’ve been working with two schools on the outskirts of the city to design and build kitchen gardens funded through KGI's mini-grants more

I also think that maybe we could have a project that we donate to annually, to help in its maintenance. It is all very well setting something up but it is doomed to failure if it doesn't get ongoing help. This particular project may or may not be the one for that type of commitment - I think I would prefer to help Outback Pride on a more permanent basis, as it is for indigenous Australians.


Pattie Baker said...

Love it, Kate and Maggie! And I love that visual of you as a spider, making connections, Kate. How about one of those yellow and black "writer spiders"? Do you have them there?

Kate said...

I don't think so but it sounds good. Tell me about them.