Tuesday, 29 January 2008

Relishes or chutneys

I have been given a few kilograms of tart small blood plums. I have cooked some just to have for breakfast, I shall save some to eat fresh.
One year I made plum sauce but you usually do not eat much plum sauce.
So I am thinking plum chutney, something to serve with cheese and crackers or something to serve with a curry or to give as gifts.
So I invite you to post any good chutney recipes you have .
I have lots of leeks and chillies and I always adapt recipes adding my favorite spices but I would like a chutney recipe with good shelf life.
The photo above comes from a site called Musings from a Stonehead. Click on Musings from a Stonehead to view the site.


Kate said...

I usually put the plums in the freezer, whole or halved, and make a nice plum crumble now and then through the year.I will put my favourite peach and date chutney recipe on the recipes page right now!Its not plums but I reckon you could make a plum and date chutney.

Maggie said...

Thanks I have a lot of dates in the cupboard. I had not thought of dates, they have a high sugar content for longevity and shall thicken the chutney.