Wednesday, 30 January 2008


Sometimes it would be nice to be able to find something written a while ago on the blog and it is very tedious to go through everything looking for it.

So I have added a search engine which will search this blog and all "Our links". So easy to add this now - its free and even I can do it.

Just type in the box and away you go!

I have also made the "group discussion" open to anybody, not just members, like Glenys suggested as no members seem to be using it.

ps I have enrolled in a year long course with the WEA to learn Italian. Anyone want to come too?


Maggie said...

Excellent, I just searched the word celery and up came all the times we have used that word.
Bob is thinking of learning Mandarin, me I have trouble remembering English!
My aim for the year is to start an article for the blog and be able to take the photos from the camera, make them smaller, upload them and put them on the blog. You usually add 2 things while I am still trying to finish my little article!

Maggie said...

Vegetables have been mentioned 201 times, water 174, rain 157,tomatoes 46 and 43times for hot.
Well add 1 to each of the results.
I love this, it is great.

Kate said...

Maggie you make me laugh. Go and enjoy it - I am so glad its useful.

Kate said...

"Maggie" comes up 137 times!