Thursday, 17 January 2008

Wind & Fire - Brownhill Creek - Adelaide

This was the view from the school oval this afternoon as strong winds fanned a bush fire at Brownhill Creek. We have just come back from the top of Fullarton Road , the winds have died down but there are still trees burning in the bush.
What great work all those fire fighters do to put out bush fires and of course thank goodness for the precious water used by them.
I cannot help but think of the Californian and Spanish bush fires experienced by our global friends in their past summers.
Fire brings destruction to nature and then new growth just as life gives us experiences for new life and new ways to regenerate and learn and make changes and growth in our lives.


Kate said...

I was at my mother's near the beach when my smoke-trained nose detected smoke. We listened to the radio and found that the fire was not far from my mother-in-law's. So I went to her house - the traffic was un-believable and convinced her she should leave the house and come to our place. Luckily the wind changed and the fire didn't get any closer.

Scarecrow said...

Frightening when these fires come so close to the city...Hope everyone was safe.