Friday, 1 February 2008

The garden grows on without me!

I've been flat out for what feels like ages and haven't made it out into the garden except for watering. (School holidays, new puppy etc.) Today, baby Peter and I had our first day alone together in ages and I finally made it back out there. Much to my surprise and absolute delight, everything kept growing! We've been eating cucumbers so much they might start coming out of our ears (...but they're still very more-ish and luckily there are still plenty more there!) A couple of weeks ago, I noticed some white flies on the back of the leaves of one of the plants and the leaves on that plant are now looking sick with brown spots. I intended to do something about that when I saw them. (I'm not sure what I was going to do - any tips?) I never got around to it and it's probably too late now but what does it matter when I get plenty of cucumbers from it?

Both types of pumpkins are growing well. I've got some of the golden nugget ones ready to eat and some of my mystery pumpkins look like they're not far off. The golden nugget variety is great because it hardly takes up any garden space. I have 3 plants and none of them is more than 1m in diameter. They're really attractive too. We've eaten our first eggplant tonight and there are plenty more ready to pick. The eggplant plants were planted behind some of my grassy butterfly plants to make use of the space while I wait for them to grow up. I've never seen an eggplant growing before and I think they're very handsome plants! Unfortunately husband Chris has just confessed that he doesn't actually like eating eggplant. I guess that's all the more for me!

The large tomatoes are doing well but most are still green and the self seeded cherry tomato has gone berserk! It's grown so much foliage it's captured our metal dog "Spotnik". (Named because he's got a space aged look but is spotty.) I can't believe it happened so fast. The plant has actually lifted poor Spotnik off the ground! There are some tomatoes on this bush but not huge quantities and they're far from the best tasting cherry tomato I've ever tried. Luckily my Italian neighbour's tomatoes are going well so I've been able to swap some for eggs and cucumbers and still have home grown ones. Once my tomatoes are ready, perhaps my neighbour's will be finished and I can supply some to him instead.

For now it's all skippety-doo!


Kate said...

You have done so well Chook. Also lets see if we can find a recipe for eggplant that your husband will like.We had something last night that I thought was delicious and used quite a bit of eggplant without it really tasting like it.I will put the recipe on the recipes page tomorrow.

Maggie said...

I enlarged your photos and your plants and veggies look great. We have had a huge number of Richmond green cucumbers from 1 plant from Diana. We have also had about 2 good sized striped tiger ( I think) zucchinis each day since before Christmas from 1 plant from Diana. We call this plant the Monster as it is now about 2 meters by 1 meter. We don't have any tomatoes but we have lots of mint, chillies and some long lebanese zucchinis. Like you we just have been watering and letting the garden do its own thing.