Sunday, 17 February 2008


During my Sunday evening garden wander I found a few things that somehow I hadn't noticed before. First was that one of Cath's gorgeous yellow cornos capsicums was unmistakably bright red. I wonder about the rest now - any colour is OK by me.

The second was faint purple markings finally appearing on the borlotti beans.

The third was the size of these scarlet runner bean shoots that I swear weren't even above the ground yesterday. They are sown around one of the terracotta-watering pots.

Fourth, was that my first fig on my baby fig tree was luscious and ripe.

Last was the appearance of a whole lot of little leafy things in the shady grass in front of the peastraw bales - escarole, by the taste of them. Autumn must be approaching.

Now for another sip of Deb's limoncello....even better than the Ambra, much better.


Maggie said...

Looking good Kate!

belinda said...

Its really interesting to see photo's from your garden.

My borlotti beans were the total opposite. The pods were mainly pink with small streaks of green.

Kind Regards