Tuesday, 19 February 2008


I watched the beginning of the new Landline season with interest this week. As usual it had some great stories and what I would call REAL news. The programme usually delves pretty deeply into a couple of topics and this week the first was power soon to be generated by using sugar cane trash which was previously burned.

There has been huge investment by Delta Electricity and the NSW Sugar Milling Co-op as well as the farmers to set up several dual purpose mills which will not only process the cane into sugar, as usual, but also stockpile the trash harvested by the farmers and when they start sending power to the grid in a few months time the two first generators mentioned will supply the electricity needs of Lismore, Casino, Ballina, Byron Bay and Murwillumbah, continuously, 24 hours a day. Other generators will join in later.

You can watch the clip on this link to the Landline article. OOps, I meant to click save, not publish last night when I wrote this because I have more to say about "green"power. But now I am off to the garden to sow seeds, glorious seeds in the cool!


gardengal said...

I was reading somewhere (organic gardener perhaps) and they were talking about buses in the french town of lille being powered by rubbish.
and that seems to be a good idea. Save us from peak oil one thinks. But then it occured to me ... where does this waste come from? Its grown and transported with oil, so without oil, no waste, no alternative to oil. And without oil there's no synthetic fertiliser so this waste is now non-waste that becomes a valuable input into growing food. So we'll have to walk!

gardengal said...
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gardengal said...

Oh and talking of the abc ... bush telegraphhad a bit on urban aquaponics last friday.