Friday, 22 February 2008


I knew you wouldn't believe me when I said that the beans I sowed 7 days ago around the terracotta-water-pot were already 20cm high and the leaves were as big as the palm of my hand so I took a photo. It is hard to see the height, I will have to take another photo later. They have received not one drop of extra water since I poked them into the ground, only that from the porous pot. The snails, or something, are getting to some of the leaves but they are growing so fast I think they will be well out of reach soon.


Teresa said...

What an appropriate title for your post! LOL.. Great to see them at alarming speeds.

Anonymous said...

Hi Kate...Glenys here!
I can't believe the photo!
You showed us the newly planted area just over a week ago at gardening group and there were just the tops of tiny seed heads!
I think you might just have another convert on your hands!
Also I vaguely remember seeing a landscaping place on Port Road selling cheap terracotta pots, I think some were seconds.
I will have to try and check it out next week and get back to you.